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Paint CorrectionAuto detailing is a process that involves several phases of curating, washing and restoration of the vehicle’s look. Between them, paint detailing is an exterior detailing process that is really specific and requires professionalism. Car paint is the vehicle’s first layer of contact with the outside environment. This is the reason why it is often the first car part to lose its polished look with time. Car paint detailing strives to solve this problem by giving your car’s paint its original look or even a complete new style.

– Car paint detailing and car paint restoration

Car paint detailing is a service that offers to polish your car’s paint layer, restore it, change the paint completely or protect it. From this list, it is easy to understand that car paint detailing encompasses car paint restoration in itself. In fact, professional car detailing businesses offer to even restore the surface of the vehicle. This is really important since dents, scratches and other surface deformations have an important impact on the durability of your paint and the finished result.

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In car paint restoration, there are two processes that take place:

– The first one involves the surface repair from dents, scratches, etc., and the elimination of oxidation or other car paint issues.
– The second one involves the polishing of the car paint layer for a better gloss and a polished result.

In car paint detailing, after the above processes, there are two other steps:

– The car paint layer’s coating with a sealing layer. In cases of changing the paint completely, before applying the sealing layer, the new color paint is applied.
– The adding of a final protection layer that offers resistance against oxidation and scratches. In certain cases, this layer offers anti-dust or anti-dirt protection that will allow the user to avoid the cost of going to a car wash service.

Paint Correction AfterA lot of people think of saving the cost of going to a professional detailing service and do these processes themselves. Though this is certainly commendable and there are a lot of guides that show how this can be done, the risks involved are really high. These are the advantages of using a car detailing service:
– Repairing the vehicle’s surface is difficult and you risk damaging the paint layer or even the metal layer below.
– Car paint detailing is also a really time-consuming process and needs professional equipment. These tools’ cost justifies the professionals’ service price.
– Another thing to consider is that these businesses have the experience to guarantee a positive result. They have to take responsibility for any problem that happens during the detailing and often offer insurances to the clients.
– Professionals offer the possibility of the final protective coating we mentioned above. This is not possible in a DIY environment.
– It is also important to consider the warranty a business offers for its service.

In conclusion, car paint detailing is a really specific work that requires care and professionalism. It encompasses car paint restoration processes. The risks in trying to do it yourself are high and it is not even cost-effective. Ask professionals to take care of your prized property for a high-quality and secure service!

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